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Conifer Medicine Making with Bridget's Apothecary

October 22nd, 2017 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Conifers are usually (though not always) tall evergreen trees. In our region, we all grew up calling them “pine” trees, but that’s not entirely accurate. We’ve got hemlock, spruce, fir, pine, and more! Most of them can be used in a similar way for medicine. And because they often keep their needles throughout winter, they offer many of their gifts to us year-round. Come learn about the ways you can work with these majestic trees. We will be making a conifer elixir, and everyone will get to take home a beautiful one ounce amber jar of this beneficial and delicious liquid.

Space is limited, click on the link to reserve your spot: https://bridgetsapothecary.com/classes/


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