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Herbal Actions 101: Astringents with Bridget's Apothecary

May 26th, 2018 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Do you love being around plants and learning about all they have to offer? Are you a budding herbalist hoping to enter deeper into your knowledge? In this series I'll be focusing on herbal actions from a Western Herbalist perspective. Although we will focus on a particular action each class, most herbs have multiple actions, and we have multiple ways of using and understanding them. In each class we will focus on a few plants that excel at the action we are studying and many other actions and ways of thinking about plants will come up in the process. I invite you to come explore in a beautiful space where questions are always welcomed, and personal interaction with the herbs in several different forms is prioritized.

Astringency in herbalism refers to the action of an herb that tightens and tones tissues. You can taste this action if you've ever bitten into a green banana--there is a sudden dryness that puckers the mouth a bit. In this class we will talk about Astringency from a Western Herbalism perspective. Simply stated: astringent herbs can be used in situations where tissue is stretched out and leaky. Diarrhea, acid reflux, post-nasal drip...can all be helped by understanding astringency and supporting our tissues. But we won't talk about herbs in the same way we talk about drugs. There is an innate wisdom to the body, and so we look to see why something is happening, and how to support it. We will talk about when it's appropriate to use this action, how to balance the astringency of an herb with other actions if needed and why your body might be reacting the way it does in so many of these situations. As always we will be tasting, smelling, feeling, picking, processing, or sitting with plants that exemplify this action as part of how we learn and internalize this information.

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