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No Dig Gardening with Chris from Sprout’s Seeds

April 13th, 2019 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Come learn an easy approach to weed-free gardening. It’s called no dig or no till gardening and it is easier on your body, fairly low maintenance (there’s always maintenance in the garden), largely weed free (if properly maintained), very productive and very nourishing to your soil. 

In this two part workshop, the first 2 hours we will cover the following:

  • learn how to start from scratch (either over an existing garden or a lawn) thru a hands-on activity in the garden 
  • learn how to annually maintain this style of garden
  • learn how this way of gardening is easier on your body 
  • how it is better for your soil structure 
  • how it is largely weed free
  • learn how it is a better way to reduce the need for watering
  • how you will get higher yields from healthier plants
  • how you will have less pest and disease pressure on your plants

The last hour is optional and off site. We will be going to see a no dig/no till garden (in another neighborhood) that is already established and has been in production since last year. This is a great opportunity to see for yourself just how easy and efficient this style of gardening can be. 

Bonus: We plan on having a follow up workshop in late summer/early fall to discuss how everyone’s no dig gardens are doing and to help trouble shoot through any problems that may have presented themselves this first season.

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