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Mushroom Hunting in Frick Park with Woodsy Hag - SOLD OUT!!!

October 15th, 2017 10:00am - 1:00pm

As the season changes and the air becomes cooler and smells become more crisp, our senses become awakened to new discoveries that are hidden all around us. Join Garden Dreams and Sarah Banach, Pittsburgh's "Woodsy Hag" for a unique and interactive hike thru Frick Park as we hunt for everyone's favorite fall woodland delicacies- MUSHROOMS!!!! Sarah will teach us some basic tips and tricks to safely ID common edible (and non-edible) mushrooms. If you have ever wanted to forage for mushrooms on your own- this is a great opportunity. It is really important to learn proper identification and harvesting techniques of wild mushrooms BEFORE you ever start to do this on your own.

Sarah Banach has lived in Pittsburgh for ten years.  Sarah is a nature enthusiast that will guide you to rediscovering your relationship with the natural world. Identifying plants and fungi has a cumulative effect beyond its practical value. Mindful connection to the natural world provides an infinite resource for wellness. Having a background in art education lead Sarah to the wooded paths. Now she is excited to lead you as well.

Please CLICK HERE to register for this hike: (Registration is now closed for this workshop. We are sold out!)

This hike will take place in Frick Park. Please dress appropriately and be prepared to get dirty. Please bring a water bottle, a pocket knife, a paper bag or basket for collecting your mushrooms, insect repellent and a notebook. You may want to consider wearing long pants and sleeves since we will be off trail and in prime tick territory. Please wear appropriate footwear and be aware that we will be walking thru brushy areas so a hat is recommended.

We will meet up at the bottom on the stairs that lead you down to Lower Frick from the Biddle Ave parking lot. This is the parking lot next to the tennis courts off of Braddock Ave.



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