Top 15 best pollinator flowers for vegetable garden

I’m enthusiastic about nurturing a flourishing vegetable garden, and I’ve learned that attracting pollinators is essential for its success. Selecting the right flowers can greatly impact the presence of bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other beneficial insects in your garden. Based on my experience, I’ve identified several pollinator flowers that have significantly boosted the productivity of … Read more

Growing Practices

Growing Practices

We grow sturdy, healthy seedlings by adhering to growing practices we consider good for the earth.  We are certified organic.  It runs in our blood.  Visitors to our urban farm often see our work in progress, and we can actually show them the high quality products and processes we use to grow our plants.  Healthy plants resist pests and disease.   We know it for a fact!

Healthy seedlings start from high quality seed.  We obtain our organic seed from many places, but they are all from reputable seed houses that we know and trust.

For our Seedlings we use:

High quality potting mix that contains natural, rock-based fertilizers

Beneficial mycorrhizal fungi innocultion of our plants’ roots

Planting Garlic

Planting Garlic

Fall is garlic planting season.  Our favorite variety, German Extra Hardy, is an easy to grow variety that produces large bulbs with cloves that are easy to peel and offer a pungent heat.  Our planting method is as follows:

Mid to late October, lay out your garlic bed.  Break your bulbs of garlic apart into cloves and then lay them out 6″ apart either in rows or in a diamond pattern.

Poke each clove into the soil until the tip about 2″ below the soil level.  Throw about a teaspoon of bonemeal in with the clove and then cover with soil.  This will help with the establishment of a healthy root system.

Mulch for winter with thick straw or leaf mulch.

How Long Do Beets Take to Grow?

How long do beets take to grow?

The tasty feel of beets is reason enough to grow them in your garden. Beets are staple in most gardens and come loaded with antioxidants. It’s one of the easiest vegetables to grow and is ranked among the ten best garden vegetables. But how long do beets take to grow? The good news is that … Read more