Growing Practices

We grow sturdy, healthy seedlings by adhering to growing practices we consider good for the earth.  We are certified organic.  It runs in our blood.  Visitors to our urban farm often see our work in progress, and we can actually show them the high quality products and processes we use to grow our plants.  Healthy plants resist pests and disease.   We know it for a fact!

Healthy seedlings start from high quality seed.  We obtain our organic seed from many places, but they are all from reputable seed houses that we know and trust.

For our Seedlings we use:

  • High quality potting mix that contains natural, rock-based fertilizers
  • Beneficial mycorrhizal fungi innocultion of our plants’ roots
  • Pest management based on using natural predator insects (beneficial insects), low-impact soap and neem based sprays and plenty of elbow grease   

In the Garden we use…

  • Compost, Compost, Compost!  And lucky for you, we sell this “black gold” by the bagful.  Organic matter helps keep our soils awesome.
  • Foliar sprays of liquid seaweed and fish keep our plants healthy.  We try to never overfertilize.
  • We don’t till our beds but we use a broakfork once a year to loosen our soil.  This protects our soil structure and the organisms living there.
  • We protect our soil from leaching and compaction in the fall and winter with cover crops.
  • To conserve water we use soaker hose irrigation and a thick layer of leaf mulch year round.

If you have gardening questions about plants you have purchased from us, don’t hestitate to send them our way!

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